the members of Side by Side get together every Tuesday evening and have a lot of fun dancing to (mainly) country music.

Location :
Café Oud Sint Elooi
Lanestraat, 106
B - 3090 Overijse (Tombeek)

Please send us an e-mail for more information, if you feel like joining our line dance class for a try, if you are looking for a group to provide a dance demonstration or if you need someone to entertain your party by teaching your guests some fun and easy choreographies.

Karin & Maurice

E-mail      :
Languages : French, Dutch, English, German, Luxemburgish

Karin - Wotan - Maurice
Nancy, Malou, Josiane, Dominique, Marcelle, Annick, Patrick
..........Elodie, Karin, Maurice, Martine......